Lyoko Code

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Do you want to become an authentic Lyoko warrior?

A group of classmates discover a hidden supercomputer in an abandoned factory. After turning on the computer they discover a virtual world called Lyoko, divided into four sectors, which is driven by a powerful computer virus called Xana. This computer virus is tracking the footsteps of a virtualized girl named Aelita. Soon the boys feel the need to help Aelita to escape the clutches of Xana, which seek ways to virtualize her in this world. With this fascinating argument begins the story of Lyoko Code.

Lyoko Code is an animated series, of French origin, created by Thomas Romain and Tani Palumbo, which has won the hearts of the youngest children in the house, but also some not so young, who feel the curiosity of what is hidden behind the name of Xana.

If you've ever been curious to explore more of the world of Lyoko Code, now you have the opportunity, thanks to this fantastic online game, in which you'll accompany Jeremie, Ulrich, Odd and Yumi (protagonists of the game) in a fantastic virtual journey where they will try to help Aelital to escape this world around her.

To enter the world of Lyoko Code you just have to create a free account on the website of its author, and thereafter, you'll get in touch with Jeremie who will guide your steps in the virtual world, helping you dodge many of the hazards in that virtual world.

After contacting Jeremi and the boys in Lyoko, you can create and customize your character to your liking. Warrior, samurai, guardian, or feline ninja. Which of them do you identify with most? If you're scared of the world of Lyoko or have to face Xana alone, you can invite a friend to play with you. You start by initial training, which will allow you to learn to control your character's abilities and then, once you're ready, you will enter fully into the world of Lyoko.

So what are you waiting for to download Lyoko Code? After all, it's free!


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